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Happy Birthday
My name is Isaac Stintin. Tomorrow's my birthday – I'll be fourteen years old. Come September, I'll be a high school student.
I have an older brother, named Ian. He's nineteen. Come September, he'll be a university student.
Everyone loves Ian more than me.
Ian has always been the favourite. Intelligent, responsible, talented Ian. Ian was the straight A student, the star athlete. The perfect gentleman.
Me? I'm getting yelled at to clean my room on a daily basis.
When Ian started high school, everyone made such a big deal about it. They were so proud of Ian, Ian was such a good kid, Ian was this, Ian was that.
All anyone can remember about Isaac is that time he broke Aunt Gertrude's antique china tea set.
Now Ian's graduated, and he's going off to some big-shot university to become a lawyer, and everyone's just so damn proud. No one cares that I'm starting high school. No one remembers it's my birthday tomorrow.
I wish Ian would just disappear.
Outside, the cicadas are whining in th
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Gemini by juveniledelinquency Gemini :iconjuveniledelinquency:juveniledelinquency 4 3 Butterflies by juveniledelinquency Butterflies :iconjuveniledelinquency:juveniledelinquency 6 15 Gemini by juveniledelinquency Gemini :iconjuveniledelinquency:juveniledelinquency 4 4 See no Evil by juveniledelinquency See no Evil :iconjuveniledelinquency:juveniledelinquency 0 2
xxv. Alcohol
counting the cracks
in the concrete
coming "home"
breaking momma's back
& again &
a g a i n
just like you broke so many promises
& again &
a g a i n
reaching for the door
knowing that it's locked
no key hiding under the doormat
wondering if it's really worth the try
pounding on the       windows
weeping on the        doorstep
begging for               forgiveness
i must've done something wrong
if you won't let me inside
i'm five years old again
wondering when you'll come home
wondering if you'll come home
wondering if you remember where home is
wondering if you remember who i am
wondering if you even care at all
then you open the door
and there's alcohol in your eyes
cigarette smoke on your clothes
and a stupid
grin on your mouth
and you're trying to cover up
hoping i won't see your fly undone
hoping i won't see al
:iconjuveniledelinquency:juveniledelinquency 2 3
call me, babe
i'm sitting in the dark
and i'm staring at the phone
and i'm wishing
you would call
but i forgot to give you my number
:iconjuveniledelinquency:juveniledelinquency 2 1
If You Be My Star - ver.2 by juveniledelinquency If You Be My Star - ver.2 :iconjuveniledelinquency:juveniledelinquency 5 5 Stardust in her Eyes by juveniledelinquency Stardust in her Eyes :iconjuveniledelinquency:juveniledelinquency 6 12 keeponbelieving.ver3 by juveniledelinquency keeponbelieving.ver3 :iconjuveniledelinquency:juveniledelinquency 0 1 keeponbelieving.ver2 by juveniledelinquency keeponbelieving.ver2 :iconjuveniledelinquency:juveniledelinquency 1 0
one hell of a police chase.
Once upon a time,
In a far away place,
There was a boy, a girl,
And one hell of a police chase.
They wanted to be happy,
They longed to be free,
They'd go out at night and scream,
Hoping someone would be able to see,
See their pains and lies inside,
Hear their sceams of agony at night,
Hoped to God they wouldn't have to hide,
Wishing on the stars that something would make this alright.
Their sneakers pound against the concrete
heartbeats pounding in their ears.
Holding hands, and running
far away from all their fears.
But their fears were running faster
than their feet could carry them
So they shared a good-bye kiss
Because this clearly was the end.
After the kiss, they went their seperate ways,
But alone, all they could see were the shades of grey.
She lay in her bed and sighed,
And cried for her lover boy's smile.
As he lay on the ground and cried,
As he slowly, slowly died.
The little girl could feel it,
Her boy was slowly dying,
And she felt so goddamn useless,
And wished sh
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Cereal Killers
[ snap ] goes the bones in your pretty right hand,
[ crackle ] goes the fire I'm burning you in,
[ pop ] goes your soul, oh sorry, I forgot I was holding a sharp object when I went to touch your face.
Rice Krispie murder on fourty-second street
please do not repeat
I touch your hair,
it's tips are [ frosted ]
I caress your skin,
it's coming off in [ flakes ]
The smell of your blood,
It's more than good,
The sound of your screams,
[ they're great ]
Frosted Flames destruction on thiry-fourth street
please do not repeat
And aren't you just so [ lucky ]
That you met me here tonight.
I won you over with my [ charms ]
But now something's gone awry.
You're running through the alleys
screaming 'help'
[ he's coming after me ]
You're cornered now
Your fear's profound
I taste it on your lips
[and it's magically delicious]
Unlucky charms inc
:iconjuveniledelinquency:juveniledelinquency 3 4
just down the the left
She's so smart, they say.
Full of potential
And every day.
She works and works
And smiles and smiles
And hurts and hurts
And she feels so damn alone.
And she feels the same
Every day
Sick of the same routine.
So she dyed her hair.
Just to be different.
So she smiled a pretty smile,
And lived a pretty life,
And no one ever noticed
That she always had a knife.
Her clothes grew more and more wild,
Murdered her inner child,
Her makeup was intense,
She reeked of violent incense,
And her hair,
Well, it wasn't anything new.
And she's so wild, they say.
As she spun out of control.
And she was waiting for the day,
that she'd be noticed as something more.
But that day never came.
And suddenly, she realized,
She was slowly fading away.
Just another poor kid
in the mainstream.
But she did the unexpected.
And no one ever knew.
That she just kept on smiling,
if only to prove that
she was unique
At first, it was just a little makeup.
A dash here, a bit there.
And then, her hair started to change
:iconjuveniledelinquency:juveniledelinquency 1 11
We Run a Tight Schedule Here
[don't think he wouldn't kill to be the one to expose your skill;
don't think he wouldn't dare to hog the hero, and refuse to share;
don't you dare think for just one second that you're only a victim, please trust we'll come only when you beckon.]
'cause when your head's on fire
and you can't hear the ringing in your ears anymore
you're all alone
you're all alone
self-sacrificing victim
catatonic, on the bathroom floor
sometime's I'm blinded by the beauty,
other times you're just the beast,
but at night, in the dark,
man, you shine so bright,
you're truly in your element, you
overdressed victim,
our heat'll melt your makeup,
miss, it's time for you to wake up.
C'mon, go face the day,
keep up the smile, it's the twenty-second of May,
don't let them see you hurting, don't show them you're alone,
on the third story men's room floor.
pencil crayons, magic markers,
colour inside the lines,
chalk drawings, fancy paintings,
his blue eyes start to s
:iconjuveniledelinquency:juveniledelinquency 2 3
Like a moth to the flame, their wings speak a tale,
every wingbeat the same, they try and they fail,
with a flap flap flap, want want want, and a flap flap flap, need need need,
like a moth to the flame, it's only desire, too bad it's desire was the deadly fire.
Now her, she's a moth,
with her bloody red lipstick,
( and her want want want )
with her slutty little lick,
( and her need need need )
and she's flying high, living the dream, till one day the lights are out, and she has this little dream,
in the dream, she has a knife, and no one can stop her,
and no one dares get in her way to the fire,
so the lights come back on, and she sees what she's done,
behind her - a bloody trail - but she finally won,
her red lipstick prevailed
( with her want want want )
but her slutty licks got her jailed
( thank her need need need )
so her fire began to flicker, and went out once she caught it,
but screw it, she lived another day .
Like kindling to the flame, the sparks speak a tale,
every ember
:iconjuveniledelinquency:juveniledelinquency 2 9


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